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Foams and Rubber Articles

The Company EAB – Espumas e Artigos de Borracha, Lda. started its commercial activity in 1989 in the village of Esmoriz, Ovar, aiming early its activity essentially in the footwear area, but also in the industrial area, and fabrics area, among others.


However, given the increasing changes in the market and the cost of its main raw material, latex, recently started its foray in the field of decoration, hotel and restaurant industry by the creation of the brand Spumachi – Home & Utilities.


Our primary goal in the decision to establish it, is the development of a collection aimed at the home textile segment, whose purpose is the statement in the market, the appreciation of the vectors of diversity, innovation and quality of its decorative products.


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Values   Mission  Vision    Design   Investigation and Development
Trust in the service provided to the customer;
Reliability and quality of products;
Customizing possibility of products;
Meeting the daily needs of our customers;
Appreciation and respect for people, because they are what makes everything possible.

We have as main mission to create value for our customers and society, working in the footwear industry in a sustainable way.

Development, production and marketing of products that are capital gains, ensuring value creation and business sustainability.

To be a global visibility company and a reference in the business areas in which it operates;

Being among the major players in the market and be a reference in products and ast-font-family services: Meeting the daily needs of our customers.

  Our products are developed based on the design philosophy and distinctive quality thinking of the customer's well-being by creating desires and satisfaction of rational oriented emotions.   Investment in Research and Development with a view to obtaining new economically viable products.